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    Thank you for visiting Behind the Gray. We are an online support community for those whose lives have been affected by a subarachnoid haemorrhage or stroke.

    Our aim is to offer friendship, support and a place where you can share your highs and lows. We are not qualified to give medical advice, but hope that you can benefit from our own experiences and those of our families. Membership is free and we hope that you will join us and share your own experiences.

    “During my own recovery, I have found the support of others who have been affected by a SAH or stroke to have been a great comfort. To be able to communicate with fellow sufferers and share experiences is of paramount importance and a great aid to recovery.”

    Joining an online support group can often be an excellent way of coping with your illness. If you are experiencing difficulties after suffering from a SAH or stroke and have difficulty leaving your home, an online community can often be one of the greatest first steps in coping. You can maintain your anonymity which helps many become more candid about their feelings, fears and frustrations. You may also learn information and tips that you might not have been aware of about your illness or that of a loved one.

    Karen Hyder

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    Hannah Edwards

    Un-ruptured brain aneurysm

    I'm 53 years old and have been having headaches for quite a while. My GP has referred me to have a check by a neurosurgeon who has ordered me an MRI.

    It resulted that I have an un-ruptured aneurysm. I then had an ct angio scan which again confirmed that I have an 8 x 7 aneurysm.

    Now I am waiting for an appointment to have it coiled or clipped. I fear this prolonged waiting from the hospital to have this done as I suffer from headaches and at times these headaches are terrible.

    However doctor told me that these headaches has nothing to do with the aneurysm and I have to wait as there is a waiting list. I wonder why all this unnecessary waiting and maybe when it ruptures doctors will consider my case as urgent!... read more
    Hannah Edwards 5th March 2014

    SAH & Stroke Victim

    Hi all,

    I've been reading peoples stories on here and thought i'd share mine!

    26th Oct 2012 approx 7.30pm, i had sold some of my fishing tackle on ebay, ard 2 young lads had came to collect from dudley. I went into my garage with them to sort the stuff out. I remember that i started to feel weird, cant explain the actual feeling but also felt dizzy, the next thing i remember is waking up in Coventry hospital.

    My partner later informed me that as i was sorting fishing stuff out in the garage, i had collapsed and had a seizure, i was being sick. One of the young lads came bashing on the living room window to my partner and was shouting at her to come quick!

    She then rang for ambulance and paramedics were then within minutes. She also told me that i had lost the feeling in my right arm and leg immediately after having the seizure.

    The paramedics were going to take me to the stroke unit at Royal Worcester hospital, they changed their mind as soon as i said that my vision had gone, it may have only been for a few seconds but that made them change their minds and take me straight into resus.... read more
    seedless 26th February 2014

    Out of the blue

    7th December 2012 started like any other day, little did I know what it had in store for me.

    I was standing in street chatting, and my hearing went very muted followed very quickly by a sudden and extremely painful headache. There was no collapse or any other symptom. I managed to get in my car and drive home, in the hope that whatever had happened would clear by itself. It didn't!

    I phoned my GP and got an immediate appointment, I drove myself to the surgery and explained what had happened to my Doctor. Now I'm the kind of guy who is never ill, the odd cold but nothing more. My BP measured 210/130 and my headache was pretty bad. The Doctor decides that I have a migraine, and offers to refer me to a migraine clinic (he is no longer my Doctor).... read more
    Certacito 24th February 2014
    Nick the Greek

    Nick's Story - one lucky man.

    Hi all,

    Having read a lot of the posts on this website, I have alternately been cheered and depressed as I've gone through them. In the hopes of adding to the "cheered" column, here is my experience.

    19th December, sudden crackling sensation in my neck whilst out at dinner with friends. 5 minutes to see if it went, then 999, then to my local hospital. Their assessment needs a little work, they left me alone in a wheelchair for an hour, bleeding into my brain, although they couldn't have know that. After 5 hours, someone thought to get me a CT scan. I remember them saying they had found some blood in my brain and then - nothing. I woke up 18 hours later in Coventry hospital, having had a burst aneurysm, a sub arachnoid bleed and then a coiling procedure.... read more
    Nick the Greek 3rd February 2014
    Jenni Whitehead

    Jenni's Story

    Hi all,

    Before I start on my story I just want to say thank you. I have been reading things on this site since Nov and picking up courage from others and picking up courage to write down what happened to me and where I am now. So here goes;

    On the 11th October 2013 I was up early for work, I was going to a meeting at a secondary school. I was on the landing when my husband found me. I only remember bits from here on. I remember packing my son of to work and have a vague recollection of the ambulance but that's it.

    All my other information has come from my husband and sister who were both there for me, with me throughout the following 4 weeks. I was taken to hospital and it was within the first hour that my husband came to understand how much I needed him to be alert and to protect me.... read more
    Jenni Whitehead 28th January 2014

    Of all the places to have a SAH!

    Hi, when I tell people the circumstances surrounding my SAH they are surprised and usually delighted. I work for the NHS, and had just left a meeting on a hospital site. After turning on the car engine, and turning up the heater ( it was November) I suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation of weakness. I took some deep breaths and waited for this strange feeling to pass.

    It didn't, so I tried to wind down the window but couldn't grip the handle, and began to realise that something bad was happening. I tried to get my phone out of my bag, but couldn't get my fingers to search and locate it. I remember watching the time on the clock in the car as I knew it was important to log this, and then felt myself slide to the side and knew I was passing out.

    I came too again 15 minutes later, knew I was in bad shape as time had passed, and the heat in the car was overwhelming. I started tooting the horn to attract some attention, and no one came for a wee while. I had to take rests as I was frightened of passing out again. I started screaming too as no one was coming.

    I was strangely calm throughout as if I had every confidence that help must come. Then a doctor, nurse and porter all converged on me and thank fully got me the help I needed. I don't know who they are, but every day I thank them! I was parked in the car park outside the neurosurgical unit, and was in the Neuro Unit in no time getting fantastic care.... read more
    Laura 20th January 2014
    Sue McB

    So Glad To Have Found You

    Hi from beautiful New Zealand,

    On 31 July 2008, without any warning - no headache, no ache of any kind, no tightness, nothing, I just collapsed as I was about to open my fridge. I don't remember anything until I woke up in hospital. I was told I had suffered a stroke. I had the usual tests, was poked and prodded and asked the same questions a dozen times.

    My eyesight was blurred and I had trouble keeping my focus still, I could not walk unaided, but other than that, felt fine! I stayed in hospital for 3 weeks and had lots of physio for the eyes and the legs. When I left to go home, my eyesight was no longer blurred, but my left eye would flicker when I focussed too hard on something. I could walk unaided taking little steps.

    The final diagnosis was a brain stem peremesoncephalic bleed. Caused by high blood pressure because of stress.... read more
    Sue McB 16th January 2014

    A Dented Image

    I'm currently reading the book A Dented Image written by Alison Wertheimer as recommended by several of you. It has really helped me significantly this week. If you've read it, how did it help you? If you haven't read it then I'd certainly say it's a worthwhile read- especially in the first few months. Thank you for pointing this book out to me and thanks to Karen and all at BTG for providing much needed support.
    Kate x

    ... read more
    Kate 10th January 2014